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ThevoCalm – Therapeutic mattress for Parkinson’s care and sleep

A Parkinson’s diagnosis often is unexpected and has an immediate effect on a person‘s daily life. Besides the muscle tension typical of the illness, extreme fatigue decreases a person‘s quality of life. Many activities of everyday life become difficult. Sleep changes are challenging both for the person living with Parkinson’s and their sleep partner. This can lead to fatigue and impact on quality of life. It is widely accepted that disturbed sleep will impact on cognition.
The beneficial difference is the suspension framework of the ThevoCalm Therapeutic mattress. The unique technology of the integrated MiS Micro-Stimulation is the key to better sleep.

Improved sleep with the ThevoCalm Mattress

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation relaxes muscles
  • Tiny movements maintain mobility
  • Decrease night sweats
  • Easier to sit up and change positions

Sizes: Thevo Therapeutic Beds for Adults

Single | King Single | King | Queen | Split Queen | Bespoke (order your custom size) Weight rated up to 140kg Thevo mattresses all come with the European ignitability certification – DIN EN 597-1/-2 which also complies with the British standard BS EN 597-1 & 2:2015 and Crib 5.


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