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Falls Management

Every day thousands of elderly and physically challenged people are falling without being able to get up without assistance and should have a post fall plan in place. No one expects to have a fall, but having a plan will help you to be confident, reassured and remain as independent as possible. If you are currently in Residential Aged Care, your trained nurses and carers will assist you. If you live at home and spend some time alone, it is worth thinking about how to get help in an emergency, how to get up from the floor and what to do after a fall, both with and without a carer.

The Raizer Chair

For a fallen individual it is of utmost importance that there is a feeling of security while the transfer to standing or sitting position is taking place. At all times during the transfer with Raizer the individual has contact with the floor as well as physical contact and eye contact with the assistant. For the assistant a transfer can be done without any strain to his or her back. The Raizer can transfer individuals weighing up to 150 kgs. The transfer movement is smooth and protective and as an extra comfort the Raizer is equipped with a seat belt.

Technical Specifications

Lifting capacity:Max. 150 kg Lifting time: 20-30 secs
Weight:Seat 9 kg. + legs and back rest 4 kg – total 13kg
Charger (2 pcs):12V. 90-264V, < 20W and 12 V car adapter
Number of lifts on a full charge:40 with a max. load Approx. 100 with an average load
Charging time:Max. 6 hours
Charging of empty battery:10–15 min = 1 transfer
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Falls Management at home

  • Have you had the need to call an Emergency Ambulance as a result of a fall?
  • Has this happened frequently , costing you $000’s?
  • Are you anxious about falls in the future?
  • Does the risk of falling hamper your daily independence, going on holidays , day trips?
  • Do you suffer from Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, had a Stroke or any other condition which affects your balance and mobility leaving you at risk of a FALL?

If you answered yes to one, more or all of the above then Raizer Chair can help you

Raizer Chair…

  1. Eliminates the need for Ambulance calls for falls where injury has not occurred
  2. Is capable of lifting you to a seating or standing position via remote control
  3. Allows you to independently lift yourself if you wish without the need for a carer or family member *
  4. Portable so Raizer travels with you wherever you go
  5. 12v car and mains charge capabilities
  6. Excellent for use in confined spaces

*Full policy and procedure demonstrated and agreed

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A full demonstration takes 10 minutes

Full support and training provided.

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