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Hapeka – Full Protection Fire Evacuation Cover

With our Full Protection Evacuation Cover, it is very easy for a single caregiver to evacuate a bed-bound and immobile patient from the danger area without having to transfer the patient beforehand, and achieve this quickly and with little effort. Even stairs are no obstacle!

The Hapeka Evacuation Cover was developed and tested in collaboration with Caregivers, Wound Managers, Hygiene Managers and Safety Management.

Anitmicrobal Hygiene Cover with an integrated Evacuation System

  • Securing straps for fixing the patient and safe evacuation down the stairs
  • Evacuation pulling-belts, at the head and foot end – Load capacity of the belts = 3000 N
  • Lying surface and underside fully detachable and individually changeable
  • Easily glides on dry and wet surfaces
  • Equipped with handles for side movements
  • Complies with Norm DIN EN 1865

Hapeka Full Protection Evacuation Covers can be tailor-made for any mattress size as retrofit!

  • Functional with all nursing and hospitals beds; compatible with all mattresses on hand
  • Easy operation by the nursing staff, or even by firefighters
  • High sliding on all floors
  • Safe fixation of the patient
  • Head and foot evacuation belts allowing immediate patients evacuation by only one nurse without repositioning or transfer


90 x 200 x 15 cm or in any other dimension on request.

Technical Data

Lying surface/top cover produced from antimicrobial PU-coated material:
Antimicrobial Sanitized® Silver treated, with concealed zipper, waterproof, breathable, virus- and bacteria-tight, blood- and urine-resistant, hypo-allergen, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, wipe disinfection or washable at 95°C .
Fire retardant: Complies with ISO 12952 / BS EN 597-1&2 / BS 7175 Crib 5

Bottom Cover/Base with integrated evacuation function: produced from PES/Polyester, PU-coated:
Waterproof, solid and tear- resistant, wipe disinfection or washable at 60°C.
Fire retardant: Complies with ISO 12952 / BS EN 597-1&2


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