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Are you living with Parkinson’s? Having difficulty sleeping?

Introducing ThevoCalm – Therapeutic mattress for Parkinson’s care and sleep

Taking sleep seriously, 75% of people with Parkinson’s report sleep related symptoms.

The ThevoCalm Therapeutic Mattress can help with:
  • Getting a fully rested nights sleep
  • Increasing energy
  • Being ready for everyday challenges
ThevoCalm automatically conveys the slightest movement of the person – even breathing – into micro-sized counter movements. This MiS Micro-Stimulation® provides the person with improved body perception, promotes blood flow, and supports mobility – keys to restorative sleep.

Hapeka Evacuation Mattresses

Our full protection, antimicrobial evacuation covers makes it very easy for a single caregiver to evacuate a bed-bound or immobile patient.


Betten Malsch

by European Bedding

Malsch adjustable beds are an economical, reliable alternative to the basic or premium care beds, without compromising on safety.


Celtic Compliance Systems Raizer Chair on floor

Raizer Chair

Raizer is a remote controlled, battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to almost standing position within a few minutes.


Celtic Compliance Systems

Celtic Compliance Systems Pty Ltd. provides niche, quality products designed for both healthcare facilities, independent living villages and residential homes.

We have partnered with global experts, ThomasHilfen, Betten Malsch and Lift/Up to bring new innovative benefits to our customers in South Australia.

Our ThevoCalm, Hapeka and Betten Malsch ranges can be viewed by appointment at our showroom facilities at Walk on Wheels Ascot Park.

Celtic Compliance Systems owner David Coyle has nearly 30 years Sales and Marketing experience in the Healthcare Industry in Ireland, UK, Europe and the US. Having worked in Prescription, Medical Devices and Laboratory marketplaces he has the core value of delivering healthcare solutions direct to the user.

In summary, whether you are living with Parkinson’s, living with the risk of Falls, managing Evacuation Procedures or Procuring Aged Care bedroom furniture then Celtic Compliance Systems is your trusted partner.


David Coyle

Phone: 0424 712 812

Email: david@celticcs.com.au